ATTENTION last chance!!!
We will only send name tags on 12.12.23!!!
and we will send orders received after this date only after 10.1.24, thank you for your understanding
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DELIVERY TIME - You should receive your labels within 6-8 working days, sometimes even less.

shipping labelsOur labels are made from a special material and are  for online customers. So they can not be held in stock. For that reason the process of processing and dispatching orders takes several business days (collecting orders, moving to / from external printers, sorting, packaging, ...). We always try to do it in 10 working days but also if it is possible we try to  shorten shipping time to get your order  as soon as possible.

The seller reserves the right to extend the delivery period in case of unexpected circumstances. The purchaser will be informed of such an extension of the delivery period.

Please ensure that you include the country and postcode in the address.

Menovky pre vsetkych

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