Due to traveling to the exhibition, we will send the name tags on FRIDAY 24.5., thank you for your understanding ;)

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menovky na oblecenie


menovky na oblecenie


menovky na oblecenie


menovky na oblecenie

Selfie labels
to school

menovky na oblecenie

Labels with
your own logo


Why labels Putmyname?

Menovky In microwave

In microwave

If you have a label on a plate, cup or other dish, you can safely heat it in a microwave.

Menovky In the freezer

In the freezer

If you use your label, for example, on a food packaging, you do not have to be afraid to put it in the freezer.

Menovky In the tumble dryer

In the tumble dryer

The clothes with the name putMyname can be safely dried in the clothes tumble dryer without damaging your label.

Customers are talking about our products:

They hold perfectly, not a single one has come off yet, compared to the competition, you are Top 🙂

P., 17. 04. 2024

The best 🤗🤗🤗🤗 just arrived today 🤩🤩 I've been ordering for years and maximum satisfaction 🥰🥰🥰

Lucja, 22. 08. 2023

we already have the 4th set and there is nothing better to mark everything possible ???

S.K, 05. 07. 2023

just perfect help how to know what belongs to whom. Very resistant and functional!!! Thankx a lot.

Eva P., 18. 02. 2021

Great service, really good quality stickers, would definitely recommend!

Mel Stone, 19. 11. 2019

I absolutely love these labels. I have 4 boys, so labels in our house are very important? I stick them on everything, and they do stay on ? I will 100% recommend ?

L.J. Hyde, 01. 05. 2019

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