Why PUTMYNAME labels

With labels PUTMYNAME you save time and money. This super fast and easy way of labelling things, instead of sewing, embroidering, marking the initials or ironing tags, will most importantly save your time.  Save money by reducing your loss or getting  your children’s clothes mixed up.


The water resistance is the essential  quality of putMyname labels. Whether in rain,  bath, sink or dishwasher.

In the tumble dryer

The clothes with the name putMyname can be safely dried in the clothes tumble dryer without damaging your label.

In the washing machine

Clothes labels (stick only to the nylon label from the clothing)  can be safely washed in the washing machine  at a water temperature  up to 40 ° C and 1000 spin/1 min.

In the fridge

Our labels do not mind cold, frost and moisture. Stick them to  dishes or plastic containers at work, at hospital, camp or school, so nobody can eat your goodies.

In the dishwasher

Dishes labelled with the name putMyname can be washed in your dishwasher without damaging the label.

In the freezer

If you use your label, for example, on a food packaging, you do not have to be afraid to put it in the freezer.

In microwave

If you have a label on a plate, cup or other dish, you can safely heat it in a microwave.

Peeling off

The labels PutMyName can be easily removed. The only thing you need to do is to peel them off from the item. The label will come off in one piece. 

Tear resistant

They are made from a special self-adhesive material that is flexible, strong and will not damage the labels.

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