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GDPR - Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting our website.  We take your privacy seriously and we want you to feel good when you visit our e-shop. If you are our customer, the customer of newsletter or website visitor, you are entrusting us with your personal data.  We are responsible for its  protection and security. Please be aware of the protection of personal data,  policies and rights you have in connection with the GDPR (EU Privacy Regulation).

I. Who is a personal data ADMINISTRATOR 

The personal data Administrator  on website www.putmyname.com, MY name s.r.o, Bartoškova 7, Bratislava, 83104, 21.3.1979, IČO: 50449117, DIČ: 2120366974, VAT: SK2120366974, info@putmyname.com

I process your personal data as the administrator,  I  determine how personal data will be processed, for what purpose, for what length of time, and I select any additional processors who will assist me with the processing.


 If you wish to contact me during the processing, you can contact me by email: info@putmyname.com


I declare that, as the personal data administrator,  I fulfil all statutory obligations required by applicable legislation, in particular the Privacy Act and the GDPR, and that:


I process personal data that you entrust to me for the following reasons (to fulfil these purposes):

Offering services, fulfilling contract

I absolutely need your personal information : email, name, surname, home address, in case of purchase as individual customer  or company also ID and VAT number, account number, or phone …  to fulfil the contract (delivery of product).


If you are a customer, we need your personal data (billing information) unconditionally in order to comply with the statutory duty to issue and record tax documents.

Marketing - sending information emails

I use most often your personal information (email or name), what you click on in e-mail and when,   for direct marketing - sending business deals. If you are my customer, I have a legitimate interest because I reasonably believe that you are interested in our newsletters for 7 years from the last order.

If you are not our customer, we will send you newsletters only for your approval, for 7 years from the award.  You agree by  “Double opt-in” confirmation. This confirmation is a clear expression of your consent to the procePokiaľ nie ste našim zákazníkom, zasielame vám newslettery len na základe vášho súhlasu, po dobu 7 rokov od udelenia.ssing of your personal data: email or name. In both cases, you can revoke this consent by using a declination link  that is found in each email we send.

Advanced marketing based on consent

Only by your consent , I can send you inspiring offers from third parties or use  e-mail address, for example, for re-marketing on  Facebook, for a period of 5 years from your consent. At any time you can cancel your consent via  our contact details.

Photographic documentation, references

Only with your consent  I may use your photos, videos, or written references on my website until you cancel your consent. You can appeal this at any time via our contact information.

I will retain your personal information for the duration of the limitation period, unless the law provides for a longer period to be retained or we have not provided any particular information.

V. Use Cookies

While browsing our website, I do record your IP address, how long you stay on the website and from which website you come from. I perceive not using “Cookies,” to measure website visit and to adjust our website, as my legitimate manager interest because I believe I can offer you even better services. Cookies for advertising  will only be processed based on your consent.Browsing on our website is in  a mode that is allowed  to collect personal information. You can prohibit the use of cookies on your computer.


I protect personal data to the fullest extent that is possible using modern technologies that correspond to the level of technical development. I protect them as if they were my own. I have accepted and maintained all possible (currently known) technical and organisational measures to prevent the misuse, damage or destruction of your personal data, and therefore:

Personal data will be processed electronically in an automated method or in a printed form in a non-automated method.

VII. PROVIDING personal data to  third parties

My co-workers have access to your personal data.In order to secure specific processing operations that I can not provide myself, I use the services and applications of processors who know how to protect the data even better than me because they focus  on the  processing.

The processors of personal data are or may be:

Personal data, processed by me as a administrator  and a processor , are permitted only to co-workers and processors who provide administrative and technical support for running the applications needed to run the website and support applications or participate in my business (accountant).

Other subjects have access only for the fulfilment of legal obligations

I assure you that my co-workers who will process your personal information are required to keep confidential personal data and security measures whose disclosure would jeopardise the security of your personal data.This confidentiality still lasts after my engagement has ended. Without your consent, your personal information will not be released to any third party.It is possible that in the future I will decide to use additional applications or processors to facilitate  and improve processing. I promise you however, that in such a case, I will make sure the processor ensures processing as if it were my own and  current co-workers.I will not provide your data to third countries. I process the data only in the European Union or in countries that provide the corresponding level of protection on the basis of a European Commission decision.

 VIII. YOUR RIGHTS with respect of the personal data protection

With regard to the  personal data protection, you have a lot of rights. If you would like to use any of these rights, please contact me by e-mail: info@putmyname.com

In some cases, I am bound by a legal obligation, I have to record the issued tax documents after the deadline established by the law. In this case, I will erase all personal data that is not bound by any other law. I will notify you by e-mail about the completion of the erasure.

COMPLAINT to the Data Protection Authority

If you feel that I do not deal with your data in accordance with the law, you have the right to refer your complaint to the Office for Personal Data Protection at any time. I will appreciate it if you will first inform me about this suspicion so I can sort this problem out and  correct any error.

Unsubscribing from newsletters and business offers.

If you are my customer, I will send you inspiration emails,, articles or products and services  based on my legitimate interest. If you are not my customer yet, I will only send them to you based on your consent. In both cases, you can end the subscription of my emails by pressing the opt-link in each e-mail sent by us.


I would like to assure you that my employees and co-workers who will process your personal information are required to keep confidentiality about personal data and security measures whose disclosure would jeopardise the security of your personal information. This confidentiality persists even after the end of the engagement relationship with us. Without your consent, your personal information will not be released to any third party.



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