Hurray holiday!

 … and how to pack clothes on holiday for your child without losing  or forgetting them there?

     Finally, the holiday is here and  you need to pack the clothes for your child because he/she  will go for example to the school camp, on an amazing holiday or to visit  grandparents. 

Once you start packing, you will appreciate the practical help of a modern idea, called waterproof self-adhesive labels The labels add a style to your stuff and save you time. It is a fast and easy application because you just stick them on! Labels are simply coloured stickers with the name :)  These labels will still save you money by reducing your loss or by avoiding stuff getting mixed up.

We would like to make  this process of packing  easier for you, so here are our few tips:

With these labels you can tag almost everything: clothes, shoes, personal stuff, cups, bottles, school and sport supplies, …  On the clothes, you can stick them on to a nylon label on your t-shirt and  the label will hold even with multiple washing or drying in the dryer. These labels stay on the lunch boxes, cups or bottles and  are also suitable for often using in dishwasher because they are waterproof.

Finally we would like to wish you a wonderful holiday and lots of amazing memories with your child’s smile.