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Labels with your photo/logo - logo-girl

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Label information

Name tags with your own image / logo
DIMENSIONS: 50mm x 20mm
SHIPPING TIME: approx. 6-8 working days - from receipt of payment. FREE postage
These stickers with your own image are a few cm larger than the original name tags on clothes, so they are designed to mark things, whether for rings, sports, books or for companies. They are also suitable for all hard objects such as glasses, food cans, school supplies, personal items - glasses, mobile phones, ... These name tags can go in the dishwasher, refrigerator, freezer or outdoors. But they are no longer suitable for washing machines or dryers.
APPLICATION OF THE NAME TAG: - the surface of the object must always be flat, clean and dry. There must be no air bubbles left on the name tag and the corners of the name tag must be straight, otherwise unwanted peeling may occur. Even after removing the name tag, we do not recommend trying to re-stick it on other objects Printing: ecological - HP Latex printer. It is the most ecological type of printing on the market, usable in the medical, school, gastro segment, as well as everywhere where emphasis is placed on health-friendly printing. This means that the print does not contain any harmful chemicals and solvents. Given that name tags come into contact with children's skin, our priority when printing name tags was ecological printing and not aggressive dyes, therefore the color and permanence of the name tag design is not guaranteed in the long term, it fades with time and wear, then we recommend using a new name tag.
Labels with your photo/logo - Waterproof


Labels with your photo/logo - In the fridge

In the fridge

Labels with your photo/logo - In the dishwasher

In the dishwasher

Labels with your photo/logo - In the freezer

In the freezer

Labels with your photo/logo - In microwave

In microwave

Labels with your photo/logo - Tear resistant

Tear resistant

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